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WinUAE 3.3.0 beta6 (QS A4000, 040, RAM Moterboard Fast 64Mb, Fastest possible -50%, JIT Direct + JIT FPU)

So, by using "irs-kfix.cfg" (from post #7) + WB31 in DF0: have also tested some other demos:

dcs-klone.lha - after a while only black screen + music playing !? (but if run from CLI and JIT FPU OFF seems fine) - seems fine!
eld-machinist.lha - seems fine! (a little glitches on some places, but same in WinUAE 3.1.0) - seems fine!
eld_wcip_final.lha - seems fine!
eph-picnicbass.lha - seems fine!
eph-psylteflesk.lha - seems fine!
fd-rev12_inv.lha - seems fine!

gtn_hjb-lasttrain-party.lha - seems fine! (Note: the fog effect needs Z3 Fast RAM and Real mapping mode!)
gtn_lns-SmokeAndMirrors.lha - seems fine!
irs-kfix.lha - crashes with dmp file!!! (but works fine in WinUAE 3.1.0)
lapsuus.lha - got a message "requires a math-coprocessor" (works fine on QS A4000 + 030 + FPU 68882 + RAM Moterboard Fast 16Mb!)
lns_gtn-ht_final.lha - seems fine! - seems fine! - seems fine!
Spb-NK.lha - seems fine!

spbshame.lha - crashes with dmp file!!! (same also in WinUAE 3.1.0) (but if CPU Speed = -70% it will work fine)
tbl-silkcutfinal.lha - seems fine!

Well, at least everything else still works! (as for the above test demo)
(except the "irs-kfix.lha" which is really became problematic after WinUAE 3.1.0... and so far the reason is still unknown)

I gave my contribution and from now on it is no longer my problem! (than someone else's)

Btw. other IRIS demos like "irs-hc.lha" or "" work fine !
So, only "irs-kfix.lha" IRIS demo is problematic ! (question: is it problematic on a real Amiga too?)

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