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Full-screen mode black screen with Default refresh rate

I'm testing WinUAE (3.3.0 beta 6) on Windows 10 64-bit.

My laptop has an Nvidia Quadro NVS135M graphics chip, driver version 341.92. Screen resolution is 19201200 with default 60Hz refresh rate. Using the Nvidia Control Panel I created a custom resolution 19201200 at 50Hz and that's what my desktop mode is.

In WinUAE full-screen resolution is set to Native (or 19201200 works the same).

In Display settings there are three choices for full-screen refresh rate: "Default refresh rate", "50Hz PAL (*)" and "60Hz NTSC". The last two work fine, but with "Default refresh rate", switching to full-screen mode the screen remains all-black. Emulation is running, just with a black screen. That only happens with graphics API Direct3D. With DirectDraw the full-screen display appears OK (just very very slow).

Is that a known issue? There don't seem to be any relevant log messages (but I'll attach part of the log shortly).
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