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Trapdoor ram expansion question

Hi guys, i owned a Amiga 500 plus back in the day and really loved it and the games it had. So i recently bought a standard 500 with the trapdoor ram expansion fitted (i think it is the one without clock) and it came with loads of disks including workbench etc, plus a lot of cracked games. It seems to work fine generally and seems to be in good condition (apart from being a similar colour to the queen mums smile). The thing i am having trouble with is that although i can play chaos engine and cool spot (1meg games i believe), i can't seem to load alien breed or superfrog. When loading alien breed a message appears telling me i haven't got the extra ram, or that it isn't enabled. When loading superfrog it gets past the initial extra lives setup etc screen, but won't let me start the game. Is this a corrupted software problem, or is it something else?. Thanks for any help you can give. cheers. Martin.
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