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Question it's a sin


I am a "new old" EAB member (circa 2005-2008) who immensely enjoyed gaming and swapping on old machines and consoles since my youth. As a teenager, the floppy-equipped CPC and its legitimate boxed hits were king in my room, even at the expense of girls (I did organize parties "boum's", though).

I have been using various emulators and specifically MAME and WinUAE for many years, and well, I am relatively glad with it so far. Some folks say it's a sin not to own the actual hardware. Is it ? While I am not too sure about that, I might get myself a beefed up miggy if I move to a bigger house, win a lotto ticket or similar cheerful event!

At least, I proudly display everything retro related on a CRT (19" from ViewSonic)! I am not too familiar with the Amiga internals yet, but have been practicing overclocking, fixing and upgrading my own stuff, tinkering with Powerstrip, milking an e-mule and similar rogue activities for some time now.

What more can be said about me ?
People say I am the loyal, passionate, outgoing and sweet kind.
I don't drink, I don't smoke but
I like jazz but also 80s'ish pop music, smiling to my non-smiling neighbors, wearing my new hat, watching genre and B-grade movies, and don't mind re-watching a few blockbusters and classics such as Total Recall, The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Blade Runner. You're welcome to have a taste in PM, but please keep your distance, or the missus could overreact haha.

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