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Sensible Soccer Online

Hi all,

Im pretty new to this group so apologies if I am posting in the wrong topic.

Anyway just thought I would invite any who are interested to my online league site.

At the moment we have a Kick Off 2 League and a Sensible Soccer league running, they all run using Winuae and Kailerra so best if you have an ADSL/Cable connection.

If you do have a decent connection they are pretty good to play so ifyou are interested please head on over and join up.

There are not too many players at the moment but hopefully soon we will be able to add a few more leagues as well.

All the relevant files are on the site and there is a chatroom so you can find an opponent and sort things out before the match etc.

the site is

Pop over and any feedback good or bad is appreciated.


and I will be posting in here a lot more soon I hope.
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