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There is already resolution autoswitch that selects lowest possible resolution mode without losing pixels (if mode is lores = lores, if both lores and hires, select hires and so on)

I guess solution would quite simple: use autoswitch resolution detection to select user configured filter profile.

EDIT: Actually config file only "displaydata" parameter is better, it allows to configure if something needs to be done when resolution is something, lace mode is something, is it pal or ntsc etc.. When they match, there can be optional filter profile that gets changed. It was designed to allow change of PC resolution depending on Amiga side mode.


Something like this will work in next beta:



displaydata=params,config entry1=abc,config_entry2=aaa

lores,hires,shres,nlace,lace and more..

Search for "displaydata" in this forum for original purpose..

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