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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
OP: Why do you want it? It is always best to explain "why?" Why this kind of filter option. Just asking for some specific implementation that fits your request rarely is the optimal way to do it.
Dont worry that all us know that you is needing to fix the OS4 UAE expansion boards and all the damage which that caused on the rest of WinUAE. I specially would like to see it fixed, for you to continue enhancing the chipset and cycle exact emulation.

My interest on this option is purely aesthetical, and I had forgotten of it for long time ago. LowRes screen modes gets more pretty with a different CRT mask + filter that I am using for HighLesLaced Workbench screens. I also want to select another mask + filter for VGA-like AGA screens like Multisync, to make it pretty like a RGB monitor.

Not that important.

That being said, I really would like to see this option implemented on WinUAE, together with the MAME HSLSL filter, someday, preferably before you finish your time as WinUAE coder.
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