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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I missed this completely..

It isn't that simple, for example what should happen if two resolutions are visible at the same time? (which is quite common)
I think that in theory WinUAE should use the filter for the larger resolution visible for the screen. In theory the larger, most high-end resolution should be able to display the larger and the smaller screen modes all at once, it has been this way with the Amiga all these years.

For example, the filter that I use to simulate Microvitec VGA resolutions, should be chosen over the CRT TV filter that I use for OCS resolutions. Why? Its because if both VGA and OCS resolutions are visible on the screen, its because in the real world I would be using a Microvitec, so WinUAE chould choose the Microvitec filters first (Microvitec can hangle VGA and OCS, too).
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