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I'm sure the intended price was way below the Indivision or the whole project would have been... well, somewhat unnecessary.
The final price depends on the seller's strategy. Obviously if you have a business like Individual Computer then hirering someone to write drivers is just as much a development cost as the hardware itself. OTOH if you're a lone hobbyist you'll probably not charge for the Dev time, just hardware + a little profit to cover misc costs. This way you should be able to offer a competing product at a significantly lower price.
I suppose Jens *could* lower the price at some point - after all, the selling price ought to be calculated against the estimated amount of sales vs development cost... but at some point the Dev costs are paid for and you could choose to lower the price unless it's a product that sells well at the current cost...
Anyhoo, I never chose that option, I opted for a multi sync monitor and a VGA hub to connect multiple Amigas to same monitor. Still costs less that one Indivision.
And of course, we are already looking at the HDMI revolution that the Vampire platform will bring...
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