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SunsetRiders. Pretty easy,.. at the end game reloops with faster bullets.. I completed 2 loops.. at third usually reached until final boss and got killed.

SideArms. also loops, and gets really boring and repetitive. I dropped because I felt could been playing indefinitely

R-Type , yeah.. honestly. I completed it one time. Just because I squeezed the game on Arcade, and then on Spectrum and Amiga.. I only finished it one time at arcades when I simply learned everything about the game on Spectrum and Amiga. The key of succes are the levels fourth and sixth. Those levels are incredibly stressful. You need lot of reflexes and much memory. Very hard to improvise.

Not coin-op, but I finished one time Shadow Of Beast. Only one time. I've completed several times with cheats only to enjoy all the programming and design. I learned a lot.. and one time.. I made a perfect play. Never been able to do it again.

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