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Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Good read. Some if any problems you encounter would be good to hear about too. Also a sneak preview/video of your game/tile editor would be cool too.

Do you have parallax scrolling in the game and how is this implemented in the editor?
Thanks for your comments! Yes, as it goes on I do intend to write about any problems that crop up, and the process behind the game design, code structure etc in general as I think that sort of thing will be of interest to those who perhaps don't have any, or perhaps only a little, experience of doing this.

I also intend to do some 'behind the scenes' type stuff with the software I use to help create this game. That's possibly a couple of articles down the line but it is something I very much want to do.

Parallax? No, in fact there's no scrolling whatsoever. It is produced very much as an old-fashioned platform/arcade adventure sort of thing - hopefully that is the sort of feel and atmosphere it will give out but with some humour and fun along the way.

Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I apologise myself very much as I am one of the main reasons game is not completed yet. My two children just make me busy and I cannot do a graphics job that game depends on as my Dpaint time is more than random. I would do some unimportant graphics that doesn't affect the game itself (between - level pictures, intro screens etc.), but I am not reliable enough for a tileset.
Don't worry about it. Real life gets in the way for us all. I certainly wouldn't even think about saying you were 'one of the main reasons' it's not finished - I'm in charge and haven't done very much and as I'm coding the thing and designing the levels I would say I've done well to slow it down myself There are other people helping me out now anyway so I need to get my finger out and also communicate better with them.
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