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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
We shouldn't be to harsh, sometimes I think it's bloody amazing that some of these products are made at all for our little niche hobby.
But I'm also pretty sure that the biggest problem ppl have with indivision is pricing. e.g. €200 for CD32 version is not what I would consider a fair price for what it does.
Competition is usually great for the consumer.. in this case if you simply buy an equally overpriced item from a different seller then I'm not sure what we gained exactly.
Anyhow, just my opinion, obviously...
Yes, I agree, competition is great for the consumer. The scanjuggler Xaga was tagged for about 100€ + postage, I got an email from Dezz at 10/06/2013 and Xaga would be the top of the line. I didnt asked prices for the Lite version, but it should be around 75€... The amibay seller gets a profit when it sells. I think even that low cost scanjuggler has better image than modern Indivision version. Remember when people bought Indi mk2 and could not do nothing with it because no firmware exists?? Jens lost a lot when the programmer of Indivision ECS jump off the company. So people want to avoid that and payed an overpriced item (i think), but looking the quality of the picture, maybe I risk to say "not overpriced". Well looking for the original price of Lite version is overpriced but like I said people want to avoid IComp when they can... Look fot the success of Vampire... When ready, you buy an Vampire 500 and dont need to attach an "vampire 1200" in order to get max performance or at least a decent one

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