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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
This is the same technique used by ProDAD's SSA system, right?
I don't think this (i.e. ShowANIM forcing interlace on) is related to that at all. But SSA probably is field-based like Toni mentioned.

If you have an interlaced animation (320x400 say), as I understand it with the original ANIM compression types (excluding possibly ANIM-6) if you want to play back at 60 fields/sec, you need to decompress 400 lines of each frame, even though you only show half the lines in each field. So half the image data is effectively wasted. SSA is probably field-based, encoding each field as (probably) delta from the previous same field (i.e. delta from the previous-but-one field). [Anyone got any info on the SSA format?]
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