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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
And there is a good chance it will be cheaper than the €10,000 that the real C65s go for on ebay ;-)

They name VIC IV as the graphics chip, AFAIK there was no VIC IV, the C65 prototypes used VIC III but then again , adding HD output probably required some modifications.

Not sure why they would add a floppy though... Its not like we have a bunch of c65 software on floppies and need to have a drive for legacy support...

Since I usually like crazy and unusual projects I will keep an eye on this one..
Yes it's deffo crazy and unusual. I'm not sure why the floppy disc drive either. Do they intend to produce actual injection molded cases, I doubt it.
Intriguing nonetheless.
Yes, the real deal is so expensive, there's only a few of them in exisyance of course.
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