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Import taxes are not Icomp problem. If you live outside EU, you must obbey your country's laws. When you buy something abroad you are considered the importer, you know you have to pay taxes, in this case you know if something goes wrong, you are responsible. If the product has a problem and you know it from the begining, you are also responsible for your purschase. If seller says he would fix it in 2 weeks and he doesn't, it's your responsability to return the product if you are not happy with it. Coming here and complaining with Jens publically, won't help you at all, as you , he must have a full hand of complaining people. I'm sure there is a solution for your problem, you won't find it here.
He will continue to sell his products as he was .
Despite the fact of his hard temper, he was for some time one of the few guys that supported the amiga community with new hardware, having good and not so good products. So, open a support ticket and wait for his answer. It worked for me in the past. It will work for you for sure.
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