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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
I think the review sums up what I feel. For all my intentions are good. I really feel I lack either the knowledge or the talent to present a good magazine.
I'm sorry if that's the impression you got from the review. I was going for "he's not there yet", actually.

IMHO, you made two mistakes:

1. Releasing about 30 pages every month is way too ambitious, especially if you're doing everything on your own. It's fun the first two times, but then slowly turns into more of a burden with each release.

2. You went 'commercial' too early. There's nothing inherently wrong with Amigaville, the few minor issues would have fixed themselves over time - by people pointing out things, or offering help once they realize this was not a one-off. But once you start asking for money, nobody's going to bother.

I'm not a graphic designer by any chalk. I have no design skills.
It's better than anything I could have come up with You are making a few simple mistakes, but these are caused by lack of experience, not by lack of skills and they would have been easy to fix. Like I said - fix those and the design, while not winning any awards, would be perfectly suited for a PDF magazine for two bucks.

I have come to the conclusion there will not be an Issue 5.
Sorry to hear that. But hey, you published your own commercial Amiga magazine - not many people can claim that.
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