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Thanks guys for the nice comments. I'm quite pleased that this blog has got a lot of attention already.

I have been thinking about a physical release for a while but it looks like Tanks Furry got there first and is going to give me an awful lot to live up to

I was glad people liked the humour in the demo version... I want to keep the same 'tone' in the full game for the most part. The engine will be improved slightly, in that some of the NPCs will hopefully be animated rather than merely exist as static objects, collision detection will be fine-tuned and more efficient speed-wise and we've got a prettier, bigger status-panel (which has decreased the size of the playing area by 16 pixels, but actually makes things a bit easier for me when it comes to drawing the maps).

There will be four levels, and although level one actually has fewer screens than the demo, it's a lot tighter design-wise and will have plenty packed in, because it's been designed from the outset as a 'proper' level map, as opposed to the demo which was meant to be just a test but ended up growing into something you could properly play. I envisage levels two to four will be a little bigger but not too much as to make it manageable to develop

I'm off to do a little more work this morning and hopefully in the next seven or eight days I'll have the second entry in the blog up.

Thanks all!
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