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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
There are quite a few of these animation disks, so rather than patching each one, one workaround is this.

In display settings, set Interlaced line mode to Single. You have to set (non-interlaced) Line mode to Single in order to do that. [That isn't ideal because then Workbench appears half its normal height, assuming you normally use Double line mode.]
Then configure WinUAE to stretch the display height by 2✕.

This brings up a suggestion for WinUAE: Add a Double option for Interlaced line mode. That would be like Single, except double height. Then the user could set Interlaced line mode to Double and have these animation disks play with no combing/fringing artifacts.

The patch to ShowANIM above is because code in ShowANIM does the equivalent of the "Lacer 1" command, i.e. it forces interlace to be globally enabled by setting the LACE bit in the gb_system_bplcon0 field of GfxBase.

can you post the winuae config of this?
I want to try thanks
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