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I think the review sums up what I feel. For all my intentions are good. I really feel I lack either the knowledge or the talent to present a good magazine.

I'm not a graphic designer by any chalk. I have no design skills. I put together what I can and sometimes I don't really meet up to the publishing standard.

Look the simple truth is I feel I am not the right man for this job. My inexperience shows regularly.

I was only standing in while APOV was out of action. It's back in works now and I can't compete with this level of craftmanship when it comes to this.

I really do appreciate the people who have supported me on this journey. The magazine remains on sale until 12th March 2016. Then the hosting stops.

I have come to the conclusion there will not be an Issue 5.

I will still be about the forums and such but I think its time to step away. It was a risk I took and it was not up to scratch.

Seek the better publications I can't match.

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