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followup on WIN UAE on Thunder K7

90+ views and not a single response...see my earlier post.
Here is the follow through on resolution.

What the problem was was this:

PC side - I had just installed a hack called Tweak XP (I should know better)
I uninstalled that and then re-installed WINUAE

Amiga sided system Problems gone.

The I re-installed OS 3.9 and the second (fixed) updater

OK...Amiga running REAL NICE !!

My wife and I use ProPage for text only, it handles PS very well and the document quality is top notch.
I plugged in my real Amiga HD (our of mnt defunct PPC Amiga) and carefully reviewed my S, Libs, and C directories

I had missed transferring ONE Gold Disk library!

Professional Page is fast and works dios display the same bug that it had under a real amiga - that of screen size..when it launches it always doubles the have to click the screen size requestor and that straightens it out...

I will try the Catweasel PCI afer I real just how the disk transfer works on seems very complicated.

Thought you like to know what happened...

STAY fron the garbage PC hacks

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