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This might not help generally, but... isn't that car animation resolution 320x200 (or the PAL equivalent)? And the animation player just enables interlace mode to make recording the Amiga video output possible. So if you hack the animation player you could have it play in non-interlaced mode (maybe).

Could you try playing the anim with another animation player?

Edit to add: I figured out how to patch c/showanim on the Agatron animation disk. Make this change using a binary file editor (or replace it with the attached already-patched file): At byte offset 306 decimal, change 08E8 0002 00A5 to 4E71 4E71 4E71.

Were there any later versions of the Aegis/SPARTA ShowANIM player than 4.20? I could patch those too. This could be useful for playing other animations too.

Edit: replaced patched version with a better one.
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