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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
That's a pretty black and white viewpoint, idrougge. Brian is offering a service here. He's collating information from various sources, reaching out to folk in order to provide us with their opinions, insights and future projects, making us aware of things that not all of us may be aware of, but, perhaps most of all, providing a source of recreation and entertainment in line with a topic that we all love. To say that this "doesn't cost money" is a little unfair. He puts a lot of work into putting the publication together, and there's precious little work done for free in this world (sadly).
It's this black and white. I know what's involved, because I also do an Amiga mag, and it also costs £2 — because that's what it costs to print. The time invested in making it isn't part of the equation, and shouldn't enter any equation just because one chooses distribute a blog as a PDF.
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