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Originally Posted by Dalai View Post
This is really cool. Meynaf can you share some more details on the process you used to port the game?
For the sake of curiosity, huh ?

Originally Posted by Dalai View Post
What language did you decompile it to? Was it a high level language like C? Or did you translate raw assembly instructions?
I did not "decompile" the game. I just resourced the asm and patched it enough to make it work.

Originally Posted by Dalai View Post
Did you end up patching the direct memory addressing in the scripting language or in your decompiled binary?
Depends what it was. What could be left alone (by just adding a bss area) was kept as is. The rest was changed in the script.
Direct memory addressing was rarely really direct ; it nearly always used some base address (like end of program or start of screen memory) which some offset got added.
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