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Originally Posted by xArtx View Post
The first file I tried (Remix95) is considerably larger.
No is the opposite, Gala1200 it is bigger, see it small because it is compacted, (Remix95 380k, Gala1200 508k)

I’ve deleted the first image I uploaded to the Zone, and replaced with the next one Akira posted.
these ISO they do not have the Trademark CD32.TM and have Rock Ridge extension (see attached video above and Screenshot).

Thanks AMIGASYSTEM also, I’m happy to be able to play it.
It’s still a CDTV disk, I figure if a game is non-AGA it might as well be a CDTV disk.
I think so, as soon as possible I try to start ISO da emulazione CDTV, when my CDTV emulator does not seem to start the ISO

Tested on CDTV-HD and both versions of the games are started without problems, Gala1200 it must be unpacked, otherwise the CDTV there make it to start "error free store"

The Galactic CD in the Zone has both binaries, but the version from The One magazine is the one that is loaded.
Here I did not understand

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