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I've been checking out both of the new Spectrum throwbacks since you mentioned them on the show.

The full size 1:1 copy is actually just a Bluetooth keyboard that interfaces with a Spectrum emulator app. Beyond looking a heck of a lot like the original dead-flesh Speccy, there's nothing inside it that makes it any more of a 'recreated' Spectrum than your average cordless keyboard. A tad disappointing.

Interestingly Elite had to license the name from Sky who now own the rights, only they 'forgot' to pay the developers of the games they make available separately via in-app purchases. Apparently the apps are plagued by technical issues, and the Windows version doesn't even have sound. Lots of buyers have returned them in disgust.

The joypad-like Vega on the other hand looks cack, but does technically have a Speccy brain in that the games are built in and the device can be used stand-alone via your telly box. This is the one endorsed by Sir Clive Sinclair the manufacturers hasten to point out on their home page to distance themselves from the dodgy Elite model.

I've read some reviews of this one too, and the consensus seems to be that it's an overpriced gimmick, many of the games that require a keyboard obviously can't be played properly and the RGB connectivity was a major goof given that many modern TVs don't support these old cables. A couple of people also pointed out that the 300 price-tag is insane. Was it really going to retail for 300 in the early days?!?!

My advice would be to get the full size version to put on the mantelpiece once they hit the Poundland bins, and keep playing the classics via an emulator on your PC.

I don't want to piss on anyone's chips as the phrase goes...
I've heard Dan say this a few times now and have had some strange looks from people on the bus as I LOL for no apparent reason.

On which planet is this a phrase? In Manchester, if we want to spoil someone's day we tend to "rain on their parade". It must be pretty grim in Nottingham if this is common practice.

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