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Thanks for you reply

I used The WinUAE (the Amiga emulator) to create adf image of HD floppies (1760 Ko pf size) but after formating or after a write disk access, the disk whas corrupted.
I supposed tha the function of creating a adf image of a HD image whas bugged and try to create it with adf opus.

But WinUAE whas really bugged, not for creating the adf, but for all write access on HD adf (with version 08.22 R4, and with all version < 08.22 R7 of WinUAE).

Nothing whas said about this bug on the report bug news (on the download page of WinUAE) that HD floppies access have been fixed other else i had not posted this message !

When i speak about floppies, i speak about adf images of it equivalence in real floppies, but i don't precise it anytime that i write "floppies" for no making boring to read.

I know about the size of floppies and the real USABLE disk space between the different format/OS of workbench because i had long time ago (when i programmed on Amiga in assembly and C) all roms kernels books (the bible of hardware/software documentation of the amiga) and others technicals books.

The first format used on Amiga (OFS i think) whas not a FAT like the pc-disk but a sector (40 if i remember well) where the first block of the file whas referenced and the next block of the same file whas a adress of the next inside the previous block.

Anyway, i thank you for your help and reply

Hope that this nasty WinUAE bug will not coming back in futur release
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