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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
It can approach 100% compatibility and if you have the original chip schematics (or high res scans of the die) it can be made 100%, but it obviously cannot be more compatible than the original. So if you require 100%, then the original is the obvious choice also since an FPGA version could probably not be clocked much higher than 50 MHz anyway.

FPGA based products are the future in retro-computing, but as I said, there is also always a market for the originals.

Amiga's aren't the future IMO. It's a relic from the past that we are clinging on to. The V2 is a massive upgrade but performance-wise it won't move the Amiga past year 2000.
Why are you quoting me on select parts ;-)
In the next sentence I clearly stated you could do an *exact replica* of the original CPU.
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