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Originally Posted by Snake79 View Post
I'm sorry if i'm writing this in a wrong thread, but i have spotted that on winuae64_3300b5 (latest 64-bit beta and at least previous) Realtek 8029 PCI could not open. This is happening only on 64-bit versions. The same config is working properly on 32-bit versions. Debug attached.
PS. Official WinUAE3220 64-bit works ok (on emulated Picasso IV Zorro III).
Your whole Z3 space is used by Z3 fast and RTG. No space for Prometheus anymore. True Z3 space is "only" 1G and due to Z3 spec alignment requirements, you lose 256M between Fast and RTG = 256M+256M+512M=1G. GREX probably is best option because it does not need Z3 space or Z2 mode Mediator. "UAE" mode Z3 space is much larger but it can't be used with non-m68k or non-AOS operating systems.

32-bit probably can't allocate full 512M.
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