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Originally Posted by jcarvalho View Post
Well, I think that the seller can ask the price he wants to get. He wants to get some interest from the money spend some years ago... Like me... If I ever get my hands on the card that I have payed 3 years ago, I would ask 300 euros for it...
Obviously the seller can set any price. I've seen ebay ;-)
But just because the guy once spent a lot of money on something doesn't necessarily mean its worth nearly as much now.
I bought my Flatscreen TV 5 years ago for €1400. It sure would be nice if someone payed €1000 for it now.. The *Reality* of the situation is that you can get a far better new TV for €500. So unless there is some other unknown collector value to my TV, it would be stupid to buy it even for €499.

Anyhoo.. I'm not blaming the seller, I was simply surprised that there were ppl interested at that price as I had the impression that the whole idea with the Scanjuggler project was to make an affordable "version" of Indivision... anyhoo...
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