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Originally Posted by quahappy View Post
19 years?! Never realised it's been that long. I did have a complete romset one time with my first PC back in 2005 (I think) but then real life happened, moved and eventually got a new PC (the other was very basic but I never backed anything up). Have built up a favourites collection of MAME roms but absolutely nowhere near the amount I originally had. To have every rom and chd file, how much Gb we now talking?
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Hello there quahappy,

I don't have my HDDs here with me at work but I think around 50GB from memory...

Will check when get home as I have the complete v0.170 ROMs / CHDs
Ooops, seems my estimate was way out... must have had only the ROMs in mind...

Not like I really check the size regularly; I have so many HDDs I just download

Anyway, sizes are as follows:

ROMs = 52.6GB:

CHDs = 372GB:

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