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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Another option would be not to ask money for something that doesn't cost money, or to contribute to an existing Amiga magazine instead of competing.
That's a pretty black and white viewpoint, idrougge. Brian is offering a service here. He's collating information from various sources, reaching out to folk in order to provide us with their opinions, insights and future projects, making us aware of things that not all of us may be aware of, but, perhaps most of all, providing a source of recreation and entertainment in line with a topic that we all love. To say that this "doesn't cost money" is a little unfair. He puts a lot of work into putting the publication together, and there's precious little work done for free in this world (sadly).

Well, that's me done preaching!! I do appreciate that it won't be for everyone (at any price) and it would be naive to think that everyone would want to pay to get a copy. But I want to support the mag, so there's me tuppence-worth.

Also, with respect to providing content to another mag, or teaming up with Amiga Future - sometimes it's good to have a few different publications to choose from. Remember how Amiga Format and CU Amiga both flourished in their day... Mind you, I always bought both of them on a monthly basis!
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