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I think what you need isn't an ADF with MS-DOS on it, but an image of a bootable MS-DOS disk. Assuming that you had one of those created on a PC, you should be able to use disk2fdi to create an .img file from it. (It is capable of creating images not only of Amiga formatted diskettes, but of PC formatted diskettes as well, though that's not what people normally think of it being used for.) A fairly recent version of MS-DOS might not work though with Transformer, though that's only a guess. I think I have an old bootable MS-DOS 3.3 diskette around somewhere though, and I could try to create a .img from it once I find it and upload it to the Zone for you to try out. It is one that I had used before to boot a different emulator on my A500, and it did work, but it was slower than molasses. Just let me know if you want it and I'll see what I can do.
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