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RapidRoad USB starts shipping oct-20-2014

That's an interesting perception. But as Bishop Berkeley said, perception is reality.

Kipper answers eMails after _weeks_. Sometimes he is quicker. It took me ages and a lot more patience to get his SVideo-adapter.

But that's exactly what I mean.
My impression is:
Its reverse fanboy-ism. Kipper to some may not be criticized. The same people seem to need a target and have selective perception about iComp.

Is the RR-topic handled well? No it isnt! Does it work for a lot of people? Yes!

What I was asking for is to put things into perspective. Blaming him for the destruction of the Amiga market because of the ACA500 appears a far stretch for me.

Afaik Jens has managed all RR-cases directly with anyone who has an issue with his hardware. Alt the same time I really am wondering why you didn't return it to your seller.


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