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Making bootable MS-DOS disk as ADF file for multi-level emulation

Here is an interesting one for you... :-)

What I am trying to do is to run the Amiga IBM-PC emulator Transformer through WinUAE.

Transformer needs to be fed an MS-DOS boot disk to start up. I've made an ADF with CrossDOS and copied some MS-DOS files onto it.

However when I try to use the (virtual) disk with Transformer I get the message "CrossDOS non-bootable disk" or words to that effect. So I need to put a proper MS-DOS boot block onto the disk. CrossDOS doesn't seem to be able to do this and Workbench's Install command doesn't work for MS-DOS disks, only for true Amiga disks.

One solution would be to make an MS-DOS disk with an IBM-PC (using SYS command etc.), then put the disk in an Amiga and use Transdisk to make an ADF of it. But all my Amigas have broken :-(

I used to have DOS-2-DOS but don't anymore, I can't remember whether it was able to install bootblocks.

Comments, suggestions, ideas?
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