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Originally Posted by Blackgoat View Post
Predseda: I still dont know which color will be 0... I begin with black but later realized i need in background some high contrast color for easiest drawing
Okay, but it is seen in your first picture: if you adjust colour 1, it affects DeluxePaint interface (and many other graphic system function that may come in your game), so reserve this colour for system use, typically fonts, and do not use it for anything else. And if you need for example black, do not use colour 0, because you will need it for transparent backgrounds (no matter its RGB values). Adjust any of the colours from 2 to 31 to RGB 0,0,0 and use it then. I can see from your pics you use mostly default Deluxe Paint palette, which is far from optimal.

When we were creating graphics for Chaos guns we enjoyed a lot of troubles fiddling the palette.

BTW I like your graphics style, reminds me games from 1989-1990.
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