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cd32 an R7

OK, i have the correct cd32 roms (kick 40.60 and cd32 expanded rom), i configure winuae with ec020, 2 mb chip, and aga and when i start emulation winuae hangs right after it's window is displayed.... sometimes it even freezes the whole machine....

he re is the log :

Press F12 to show the Settings Dialog (GUI), Alt-F4 to quit.
End+F1 changes floppy 0, End+F2 changes floppy 1, etc.
Can't use a graphics card or Zorro III fastmem when using a 24 bit
address space - sorry.
Entered action_replay_load()
Follow sprite mode set
No disk in drive 0.
Resetting frame rate hack
Building CPU table for configuration: 68020 24-bit addressing
1866 CPU functions
Building CPU function table (2 0 1).
Max CPUID level=2 Processor is GenuineIntel
have_cmov=1, have_rat_stall=1
JIT: Setting signal handler
JIT: Building Compiler function table
Ct: 00000009, picasso_vidinfo.selected_rgbformat 00000000
WinUAE now active via WM_ACTIVATE
SOUND: maximum supported frequency: 0
SOUND: Secondary CreateSoundBuffer() failure: 80070057 S=1 F=0007 C=0057 (87) (Invalid Parameter)
DirectSound driver freed
DDRAW: Primary surface created in video-memory
DDRAW: Secondary surface created in video-memory
CreateOverlaySurface being called with 16-bits!

an that's it. freeze and it's over :-(

oh, and the roms are fine, they work with akiko cd 32 emulation (sound also works)
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