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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I'm still not totally sure about that. I feel people wanting an 060 in their machines are still very much outnumbered by people who are fine with a slightly faster 020. So yeah it isn't just the price, but actually number of people interested in a more "powerful" option.
I would agree with this.

Sure, some people want the fastest classic Amiga they can get their hands on so they can say they surf the web, play quake, or listen to music. I can drop a 400HP V8 engine in a Yugo, but in the end it's still a Yugo.

Is it cool? Sure

Is it practical? IMO no

Personally, I want moderately accelerated hardware to play classic Amiga games and fool around in workbench. I'm still hoping that Jens rethinks the whole idea of requiring a wedge case and an A500/A1200 keyboard.

Right now there are multiple kickstarters for new A1200 form factor cases and new A1200 keyboards. Both ideas which I find absurd. Why is the wedge any more Amiga than an A2000/A3000/A4000 ? The wedge was made for cheapness, no other reason.

1) Make the Amiga reloaded board ATX or mATX form factor.
2) Dump the laptop power supply, and use a PC power supply in a proper case.
3) Build in a small interface for a PS2 Keyboard. It's fine to leave the old 9 pin mouse alone since you can still get those new.
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