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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
if the msx2 and Spectrum version share the same resolution, I don't see why not we can't use the MSX2 gfx, that is once Tcdev release the source code.
The isometric engine used on the Retrospec game ports allows you to set the pixel count used for the game tiles/objects (although the graphics in the examples seem to be twice the resolution specified in the source). If the Retro Ports source doesn't have that feature I think it could probably be added relatively easily.

MSX low res modes seem to be the same width as the speccy, 256 pixels. The height is either 192 (same as speccy) or 212 pixels. so the MSX2 graphics should work with the Retro Ports source code once tweaked for more bit planes. The game should be centred properly on the Amiga's 320 width screen. Almost the full NTSC height would be used, PAL mode would allow larger rooms or bigger tiles.

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