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Hi Brian. Glad you reconsidered pulling the mag. I've read all of them and am more than happy to pay such a low price to support what is a great publication.

There are a number of people who have already expressed an interest in submitting work for the mag, so why not incentivise them and reduce your workload at the same time. This will give you more time to be creative with aspects of the publication, while also concentrating on marketing, instead of typing so much.

Some ideas:
1. Incentives
For every person who submits a published article, give them a free copy. They'll surely get friends to read it if they have their work published, and this could lead to more sales.

2. Adverts
As well as the old ads for by-gone Amiga kit (which I really enjoy seeing, btw) offer advertising space for current tech, software, projects, meets, music, cars, dogs, whatever! Even if it works out at just £1 for half a page, folk may well pay it to support the project, and they also get a bit of cheap advertising too! It's worth remembering that a huge chunk of any magazine's production comes from ads.

3. Sponsorship
Offer sponsorship of the whole mag, or the cover, or certain pages. It would be great to see my name sponsoring some great artwork (Greyfox's covers for example). Be sensible with the charges and ensure it covers the cost for a copy of the mag.

4. Preview
Post the proposed release date and content in the News section of this forum (and as many others as you can find). Check out how Amiga Future approach this: It's a great approach and really whets people's appetites. Even if the content changes, it doesn't matter too much, as long as you state that it is a proposed listing.

5. EAB Reference
Add a section about current hot threads in EAB (this is an ideal task for someone else). List the forum locations and an overview of what is being discussed. Or even just mention a section that you think people may find entertaining - such as the OT forums. Then be sure to mention your mag in those forums (ahem.. actually, be sure they are in topic.. can't upset the mods.. ).

Finally, don't make any decisions based purely on the sales run of this mag. You must release a good half a dozen to really get a feel. If sales go up, then stick at it. If sales slump, then have a re-think. Rome wasn't built in a day

I hope some of these ideas help and please don't fold the mag yet, as I'm sure you've got plenty more to offer
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