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Game works in WinUAE but not CD32

Hi Guys,
I donít know if this is helpful for UAE bug fixing or anything,
but if thereís a known reason Iíd like to find out anyway.

In the Zone Iíve just uploaded a half meg CD ISO that is Galactic game
that only made it to cover disk, and somehow never a commercial release.

The CD image boots in both WinUAE with stock CD32 configuration,
and a real CD32 using the CDTV tm file, so should also work for CDTV.
The game only runs properly with WinUAE though. In the real CD32 it loads
and the graphics are a mess, and thereís no music.
Same if the game is loaded from floppy, HDD, CD32 expanded or not.
Making the CD was just a last ditch attempt to load it using minimal RAM.

Any advice to possible get it working appreciated
Cheers, Art.
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