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Super-speedy winUAE

Newbie here, so apologies if this is a michey mouse question.

I came across an issue this morning where everything in winUAE was running too fast - I'd estimate about 150% speed. The FPS in the status bar was happily showing 50FPS, but the action in any games was too fast to keep up with.

I carefully checked through the configuration screens, but I couldn't see anything wrong. I used the 'Quickstart' screen to change away from my default Amiga 500 configuration and then back again, but it carried on running fast.

Eventually I renamed the configuration.cache file (adding a '.old' extension) and it settled down after it created a new one. I'm glad it's repaired, but I'm interested in what I may have done in the first place to create the problem. I certainly hadn't gone in and explicitly set/unset any throttles.

I've seen that there's some F12+otherstuff key combos that might change the emulator's behaviours, but I don't have a readme or a manual listing any of them, so I'm sort of in the dark.

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