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Hmmm, I don't use UAE, but why not use the amiga side to handle the ADF's (the same as I do on a real amiga)?

Install this:

If you need a HD Dosdriver for it contact me...

I don't know if UAE supports PFS HD/DD Floppies but diskimage does...

A quick example using the Sonix adf (DD) that was posted on the zone a few days ago...

OFS: Used: 775,432 Free: 82,472 Total:857,904
FFS: Used: 752,640 Free:147,456 Total:900,096
PFS: Used: 677,376 Free:222,720 Total:900,096

All Disks have EXACTLY the same files on them and no compression was used, all files are in their original format.

iirc at one time I combined DiskSpare.Device (aminet) with PFS and jammed even more on a floppy
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