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Originally Posted by zharn View Post
Im eagerly awaiting to complete my 4000 build from a year ago. i would have bought more stuff to complete from jens, but RR must work first. Indivision would be the next thing i need.

Me too... That RR issue is the last thing i need to have a complete setup.. i have spendt thousands of dollars on products from icomp over the years. Utterly disapointed with the behaviour here from Jens. Would never purchase something from icomp ever again. Now that vampire is breaking through, icomp products seem to be rendered obsolete. So ignoring existing customers and their problems would seem to me to be a not so wise decision...

yeah yeah.. bla blabla.. icomp is a hobby firm, and we should accept to wait years for an update for a driver advertized working out of the box.. That is not how you treat customers!!!! Even the support ticket dont work.. poor resellers.

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