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I agree with everyone here, I spend time creating the cover for this issue and would hate to see it disappear as fast as it appeared, I also sent on preview mockup images from the magazine in helping it get promoted, which I haven't seen publicly yet, if you have got them Brian, me check your email.

Secondly after releasing three fully fledged digital magazine series commercially, you need to continuously bomb bard Facebook, Twitter and mainland forums, not just Amiga forums, also to mention, this was the only forum I have seen post about issue 4 of Amigaville, other than the news I posted on RVG and that IndieNews posted about. So you haven't exactly get the word out there, maybe this due hoping that it would simple escalate to its sales pitch, or you didn't have the time?, I can say it is hard, but if you believe in the magazine, promote it better, people will come, throwing in the towel is the worse thing you can do.

So like the picture of the cat hanging off that clothes line "Hang in there" give yourself time to reflect on your work and effort and those newly found contributors you got for this issue, think or get advice on a strategy to learn to promote it, I mentioned podcasts to you and I also mentioned getting it mentioned on some popular Amiga YouTube it's time reboot and get yourself out of that Guru Mediation your in
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