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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
Congrats on kicking TWIT's backside! I think I'm largely on my own here, but I find it so dry and tedious I can't stand more than 10 minutes of it.
Yeah I find twit boring but the main thing I listen to is 'The Tech Guy', great show. Thanks for the kind comments

Originally Posted by iddqd View Post
You aught to edit your first post and add:

to the top. (When I google "the retro hour" it is the 10th match.)
Do you mean the first post on the thread? I will get dan to change that. With google there was a cocktail podcast called Retro Hour Cocktails lol so we are trying to push that out of the way, but stuff like being on will help push us up.

Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
I have not listened to the latest one, but from the episodes i have heard so far, I like!

Keep up the great work.
Thanks, glad you are enjoying it so far
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