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HD_floppys.adf are allways faulty ! Bug in WinUAE or what ?

I have a big problem with winUAE and the HD_Floppies !

First infos:
- I use the WinUAE 08.22.r4 and Workbench 3.1/3.9.
- Every drives (in the floppies tab menu) are on 3.5 hd
- i have try to change speed turbo/100%/200% without better result
- I have used 'standand' and 'custom' floppies without better result. With 'custom' floppy, ok to formatting (no problem to see) but while copying some files on it, the WHOLE PC is FREEZED.
Only option then... reset the pc !

- HD_Floppies.adf created with "adf directory" seem to be good without tracks errors.

Now what is the problem: !

After formatting a adf of hd-floppy, (everything seem to be ok during formatting !) i get allways the message from the workbench "track is not correct".
Same result on a "good" HD-floppy if i copy somes files on it inside the workbench/WinUAE, i get ALLWAYS tracks errors.
Sometimes the message happen during the copy of files, sometimes when i open the drawer after the copy is finished.

So what ? What is the problem with WinUAE ?

Is this A BIG BUGG of WinUAE ?
Is there any option to use/activate in Workbench/WinUAE ?

Do you have the same problem and/or do you have a solution ?

I really need the HD_Floppies.adf because the space disk is bigger (twice the size of a DD_Floppies.adf).

So, if you have the solution, please help me
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