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Angry Bloody hell

History week at the EAB, apparently. I never knew about the Hoi debacle (never know it was published, always thought it was an unfinished project), but the clickBoom saga just breaks my heart.


The worst thing of all is the way this guy makes the Serbs believe that it wouldn't do any good to the PR of the game if us Westerners knew they have the nationality they have, "as the EU & the USA think of you as buchers". That's such a f*cking rotten thing to do. Inexcusable and criminal.

Also, I always saw clickBoom as the company that gave a dying platform a last fresh breath of air, but the way it was done makes me sick to the stomach (and I can stomach a lot). Damn them. Of the few games I bought at the time, Capital Punishment was one of them. And now it'll be the only purchase I'll regret for the rest of my time.

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