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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Gunnar mentioned he wanted P96 to be *integrated* as a chunky mode in SAGA rather than a parallell mode. Even controllable by the Copper.
Would that require any changes to the current Copper?
In the old Natami specs, lots of Blitter improvements were listed, the Copper... not so much..
The copper is incredibly simple all it does is wait for the raster to reach specific points and at those points move some data into custom chipset registers as determined by the copper list programmer. The power of the copper is what the data in it's lists are and where it puts it. The programmer can manipulate the chipset in very clever ways. The copper control register contains a single bit to restrict which registers it can access. A SAGA copper could conceivably add one or more bits to restrict access to some SAGA hardware registers.
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