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Seems the majority of Anarchy were in the games industry.

Dan, Nuke, Icronite and Hannibal were certainly part of Core. Facet worked for them I think, but not to sure.

I heard that it Dan and Del (ex-SAE) and some one else, may have been Nuke, came up with Lara Croft/Tombraider idea.

There was a rumour that 4-Mat died, never been confirmed I don't think.

I think Hannibal is in the games industry, he worked on Messiah I believe and lives in the States from what I read last.

These people are really not to difficult to find on the net. I found Delta/RSI and Slayer/Scoopex in no time for an interview.

It wasn't hard to be the best in the UK around that, was some shit groups around.

Do not remember much innovation in the demos, but that is just from memory. DI was just a chore to watch at 27 minutes, Seeing is Believing was brilliant, but was more well designed that new ideas. Have to look at releases by other groups around the release dates.

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