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Originally Posted by Superman View Post
I have been using it since the early days too when it was Nicola Salmoria's baby. Time has just flown by.
The godfather of MAME... Yeah, he doesn't really have much involvement these days (if any at all).

His blog has been dead for years

Originally Posted by mintsauce82 View Post
Amazing, I started using it in summer 1998. I read about it in Edge magazine while away on a camping trip, and couldn't wait to get back to start (slowly) downloading games.
LOL; took me ages to get all the ROMS in those days via modem but I still did as I wanted them sooooo bad

Originally Posted by mintsauce82 View Post
I couldn't believe that such a thing existed, it made me so happy that all these games weren't going to be lost forever.
Oh me too; when I first discovered MAME it was like all my dreams had come true. All the original arcade games that I had played from say from 7 years old to up 20.

...and when Capcom CPS1 + 2 & Neo-Geo games were emulated

I even bought myself 2 x HotRod SE joysticks (in case one broke) back in 2001 or something to make the whole experience better:

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